19. Summary and recap (2)

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June 15, 2018 by missionazul

There is a great crew of people that teach and help to support the students here at City College of San Francisco Environmental Horticulture and Floristry. Some are captains of industry, others are small time operators. There are old timers who share stories of skidding and dropping redwoods up in Mendocino county, and young upstarts who got fancy climbing gear and possess go-up-the-tree techniques faster than squirrels.  Masters and apprentices.  The old sensei said – Many hands make light work.  If we work together and train together we all improve and become better.  We all go up.  Hands-on learning!

This is Tom Bressan of Urban Farmer who came in to talk about irrigation design.  He brought in the latest in irrigation tech.  Tom is great!


Alvin Huei shared with our classes his knowledge of bees and their lives.  He taught us about queens, swarms, and drones.   So patient.  So calm.  Bee-like gentleman he is.


Martin Kutches came to talk to our tree class along with Rich Enger.  They are both local legends and really fun to have in class because they speak from a world of experience and adventures.  Plus they bring in excellent tools and shoot from the hip.  No cow dung.


Rich Enger demonstrated how he used to put choker chains on redwoods and douglas fir trees.  Tristan You is the tree.


Kevin Blincoe who works with Christopher Campbell Tree Design came by to help us out with climbing.  He set up four lines ranging from the old time pull-yourself-up body thrusting to the newest foot ascenders.  Almost everybody got up into the trees.  Good fun.  Now that you are up in the tree though you got to do some work!  This aint just recreation!!!

Ian Eitz:


Tyler Green:


Arete Nicholas:  Arete is a nurse from CPMC  who worked with the famed hand surgeon Dr Buncke.  If you have an accident with your pruners or loppers or  gas hedge shears….  Dr Buncke!


Patrice Roberts!  Go Patrice!!!


Astrid Edmondson looking happy and comfortable:


Our greatest and favorite superhero.  Still riding strong.  Gus Broucaret.  Landscape Horticulture class.  Tuesdays at 9 am.  OH 53 A and OH 53B.  Be there!

gus n mowers.jpg

Horticulture is a great field because plants are cool, and everybody wants to be cool. That is what it comes down to. You like food and cooking, hunting and gathering? Get to know plants. You like medicines,  healing, and drugs? Get to know plants. You like to build things, grow things, create things?  Get to know plants.  Want to find a common ground amongst all peoples of the world?  Plants. Plants. Plants.





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