14. Fall 2015 & Spring 2016

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June 8, 2016 by missionazul

Aiiii… After the tests are graded and oral presentations are done, there are the hands on projects and works in the field.  This is our best and most senior instructor laying it down about 2 cycle and 4 cycle small machines.  A CCSF legend.  Gus Broucaret.


We are growing a new crop in the vegetable beds this year.  It is Lupinus albus, also called lupini or altramuces.  An edible lupine from the Mediterranean and north Africa.


We had a special guest lecture from my hero Martin Kutches.


Martin brought in a little friend of his from the north a black widow spider for show and tell.7.jpg

We cut a dead willow tree in the introduction to horticulture class, then made a carving of it.  10.jpg

The design class drew some plans for Elder Carlton McAllister and his kind congregation at True Hope Church in the Bayview.

11caitlin true hope.jpg

Lauren Homer hit one out of the park with her drawing.  Cant go wrong with spanish lavender.


We also designed a storefront in the busy and happening corridor of San Bruno Avenue.  Big thank you to Shae and Kevin of FDR, Ruth Wallace, Larry, and Darlene of the Portola Neighborhood Association for setting us up good.


Murielle Mayoute had a vision influenced by the action of yeasts and sugars.  Flowers and grains.



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