7. Some projects from last year (2013)

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May 7, 2014 by missionazul

Time flows through the blooms of rhododendrons and irises, and barren sites grow colors.  Here’s a little catchup synopsis of progress and changes in our horticulture world.

Plant Identification OH 77:  What is this plant?  Anthony Auerbach investigates.



Ah… It is Xylosma congestum in the Flacourtiaceae.  What better way to learn a plant than to trim it back?  Plant identification,   horticulturally speaking,  is not a strictly academic discipline.  Was the wood hard or soft?  Pithy?  Any latex or sap?  Spines or hairs?  How about resprouts?  Where’s the green waste dumpster again?



Landscape Design OH 70A:

We did a residential design in the neighborhood by Wallenberg High School.  Heres a salute to  the always laughing Mr Kanzawa for clarity and simplicity of design:



Our public works project in the fall was to design a structure in the San Francisco Botanical Garden at the top of Heidelberg Hill, next to the Garden of Fragrance.  A beer garden of sorts to enjoy the view and honor those who came before us.  Thanks to Jason Martinez for setting us up on this one, let’s see if we can get it built!  This is the spot:



And looking down from the top of the hill:


Emily had a cool conceptual vision:



Ron went over the top!  Yeah… this would be a great place to gather:



And the gardener’s favorite is this one by Josefin.  Perspective perspective perspective…



As part of our design class we always do a  hands on project.  A mini design and build.  If you have never planted anything, all those circular plant symbols on the page are without meaning.  Bret Lutz and Josefin Jansson enjoy their succulents by the Olmec head:



An aspect of plant selection is creating these layers of vegetation that range high and low, and that give colors and textures.  Ron Castagnetti’s sketch exemplifies this feeling of ambient nature:



During our finals in December, we had a visitor from the north pole.  He poses with (from left to right) Pat Morgan (caring Nursery manager), Steven Brown (hardest working Department chair), and Charmain Giuliani (Plant ID instructor extraordinaire).


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