6. Container gardens

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November 7, 2013 by missionazul

Sometimes, putting plants in pots is the best way to garden.  On a balcony, indoors, out on the sidewalk, hangin’ on a wall, or sitting on a deck.  Make sure the pot has drainage, and can withstand the elements over time.  Make use of materials people throw away or leave behind, that’s recycling in action!  Plus, where else can you find the wonderful aesthetic qualities of UNIQUENESS and DIVERSITY!??  Here are projects from our last container class; this one is by Latasha Mason for her hair salon:



Timothy Anderson’ plants swam in blue glass:



Artiste Jenna Snaer combined blue and white porcelain with the arid desert:




From the architectural studios of  Marc Rousseau.  Plenty waves and Goodwill!



The designer Monica Dunst’s alien world terrarium:



Hey, skaters can be gardeners too!  It’s not too far of a stretch!  By Oliver Schmidt.



Mary Allen was so impressed with the lampshade she found at Building Resources she made a planter out of it:



And our last entry from Seong Lim:  Give us light!!





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