5. Spring 2013 SF Garden Show, Elementary School parklet, and more

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June 7, 2013 by missionazul

Well, here’s a snapshot of some projects we engaged in during the spring of 2013.

We went to the San Francisco Flower and Garden Show.  Thank you to Lynette Stavros for inviting us to do a small display!  The theme of the show was “Gardens Make the World Go Round”.  Our job was to showcase different types of container plantings.  First, students had individual assignments to draw a conceptual plan for the 8′ x 8′ space.  This was by Jim Ott.

jim ott

Next, Jessica Medrano:

jessica medrano

Jon Pfefferle:

jon pfefferle


and finally Jenny Chan’s vision:

jenny chan


Then we had to figure out how to mesh and harmonize everyone’s ideas, and come up with something we could build and set up in a couple of classes.  We stuck with the ’rounds’ and its variations, and got to work.  Glen McCullough created our garden spirit:

Glen McCullough


Jessica played drums:

jessica medrano ofJorge Navas of Muddy Hands Landscaping went terrarium:

jorge navas of muddy handsCelia Cisneros grew a firecracker like bamboo container shooting into the stars.  In the background is a Cameroon drum skirted with New Zealand flax.

celia cisneros


The centerpiece of our design was a big pizza made of rounds!  Rounds of bamboo, agave, birch, cypress and terra cotta.  Plants are aeoniums, aloes, echeverias and sedums.



This is the setup crew that got it done.  Go team! (From left to right: Jenny Chan, Sungmoon Ryu, Laura Giachetti, Cristina Gebrych, and Jessica Medrano)

flower show photo


After the garden show we were pretty tired, so we took a rest.  Then, we started back up and drew some landscape plans for a parklet at a local SF elementary school.  This garden by Kim Fraser would be a paradise for little kids wandering out of the classrooms to go to recess:

kimberly fraser


Sungmoon had a different plan in mind.  Wow!

sungmoon ryu plan


As part of our design class we always do a little bit of design and build.  This is to create the feedback loop that allows designers to be gardeners, and to understand the forces at work outdoors.  For a garden to grow and prosper, the designer must know their plants and rocks, their neighborhoods and soils.  There are too many sad and ugly gardens around town where the designer or architect never experienced dirty fingernails.

After the maintenance class dug out an old New Zealand flax, I did not want to throw out the leaves.  Let’s try it for thatch?  Here they are, on our cloud garden shack, woven into a framework of bamboo:

IMG_7352Jim Ott and Heather Logsdon wanted to give a go at concrete and pebbles.  Okay, go for it!



A little while later, ta da!  Epic!





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